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"The Misfits Club Apparel is about standing out, becoming a version of you that no one has seen before."

My name is AJ Mayfield, and I am the creator of The Misfits Club Apparel. The term "misfit" has always seemed like a unpleasant word to describe someone, but I've always seen myself as just that. I don't belong to a specific social group, I don't talk or dress how everybody else does, I'm just ME. I had the vision of The Misfits Club Apparel back in December of 2019 and a clothing brand has always been something I have wanted to accomplish and I'm extremely gracious for each and everyone of you that have taken this path with me. I want to thank my family, girlfriend, and son for keeping me inspired to get this far, let's keep it going.

The Misfit Club Apparel Story

The idea for The Misfits Club Apparel stemmed from the way I've lived my life up to now. Constant refusal to do what others do or live how others live. But the stories my late grandfather, Luther, who passed months before the idea came to fruition, are the true inspiration for the story behind my brand. Stories about his street life in his younger years, wanting to cruise around in the nicest cars and flashy clothing, and just wanting to stand out from others pushed me to try and honor him. No one should feel pressure to fit in with society. Stand out, be flashy, be a MISFIT. This brand isn't just another bullet in a list of accomplishments for me. It is a way to connect me to my late grandfather, my family, and most importantly, my customers, YOU ALL. 

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The Mission

The biggest goal for this brand is to provide eccentric streetwear designs for the customers, along with great customer service. Without a doubt, customer satisfaction is the number one priority and will be held to the highest standard.

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